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Dodge Demon Finds Unlikely Opponent In Modded GMC Syclone

If we took a poll across the entire community as to what the most potent factory racing machine is, many would answer the same. There are very few cars out there right out of the box that is going to mess with the Dodge Demon. Love it or hate it that’s just the way things are. Now, the Demon was made in short supply. There were 3300 units to be exact. Because of this, we would be willing to wager that there are going to be a good amount of people who purchase the vehicle as an investment. Nothing in the world of automotive investing is a sure thing. A limited run of a car like this might be a good bet, though.

These folks probably tucked their Demons away to let them sit on a shelf. However, for the performance nut inside of us all, we definitely want to see these things run. For those who put their machines in storage and are going to auction them in the future, we get it. However, we absolutely can’t help but love watching guys like Demonology who absolutely beat on these cars to their core. It’s almost sacrilege to not hound on one like they were meant to be beaten on. It seems like our host here just simply cannot stop racing his demon and we’re loving every minute of it.

By following along with the video below, we get to see some pretty unique matchups. This Demon is going to take on all comers! From a highly modified GMC Syclone to the likes of a Chevrolet Corvette and all sorts of other vehicles in between, this screaming Demon absolutely isn’t messing around. Long story short, it’s a ton of fun to watch so we would recommend that absolutely everybody feasts their eyes on this beast below.