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5 Year-Old Lila Kalis Shreds the Hoonigan Donut Garage

In this episode of Hoonigans daily web series Lila Kalis came through the Hoonigan donut garage and showed the guys at Hoonigan her drifting and driving skills. Her tricked out and souped up powerwheels are no slouch at all with tons of modifications done under the shell. Her car may seem like a normal powerwheels but it is far from it.

Our favorite part is when they drag race with Hert in his crazy kart against Lila in her Corvette and our buddy Mikey in the Porsche power wheels that is also modified a ton. Looks like she is having a blast with it and loves driving her car, which is a great thing to see that she is passionate about it and not just doing it for show.

Check out the video below and enjoy Lila ripping around in her Powerwheels and having a blast with all the guys at the Hoonigan Donut garage. We expect her to be back there doing work in her Corvette and in her tricked out Porsche.