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6 Koenigseggs Blast Through Tunnel And The Sounds Are Glorious

If you’re a car guy, you love tunnels for one reason and one reason only: the awesome sounds of any badass ride blasting through there with the exhaust screaming, echoing off the walls of the tunnel and filling it, and your ears, with pure automotive awesomeness. There’s nothing quite like hitting the entrance, dropping a gear or two and just letting the revs sing as you rocket through, letting everybody know what’s up as the tunnel fills with the sound of your exhaust. I know I always kill the radio, let the windows down, and take it all in each time I find myself entering a tunnel.

There are plenty of cars that would sound awesome ripping through a tunnel, but when it comes down to that game we all like to play, “If you could choose ANY car…” we feel certain this manufacturer would come up pretty often as the answer to “If you could choose any car to take through a long, narrow tunnel which would it be?”

Koenigsegg builds some of the most ridiculously badass cars on the planet, and they all sound amazing! Since the cars are built one at a time in the company’s plant in Sweden, there aren’t too many of them on the road, so to find a half dozen of them in the same place at the same time is about like finding a herd of unicorns. We get a great look at the first car’s swoopy profile before the camera moves to the entrance to a long, narrow tunnel where the group of Koenigseggs roll through at various throttle levels. None of them go full wide open throttle, but with quadruple digit horsepower levels on tap, do you want to take a chance on losing control and smacking the wall of a tunnel just to show off a little bit. Maybe they’ve learned something from all of those Mustang-Plows-Into-Crowd videos and decided to just roll partly into the throttle. Even at partial throttle, these rides all sound amazing and we are glad this guy was there with his camera to catch the moment!