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6-Speed Subaru Says NO to AUTO, First in the 7s!

The debate between automatic and manual transmissions will go on forever, however, when it comes to drag racing, at least, the hard data is all in agreement that if you had an automatic you would almost always go faster than if you have to manually shift your car. However, that certainly doesn’t stop folks from heading out there with a manual transmission and trying to set a couple of records for themselves and we have to admit that we’re absolutely loving it. There’s nothing better than a car that can go out there with a badass behind the wheel and shift gears, rowing their way too some impressive passes.

This time, we ride along with yet another stick shift record, this time, in the Subaru category. This time, when That Racing Channel took their cameras out to the Import versus Domestic World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway, they would capture history in the making as a stick shift Subaru would leave the vape behind and find its way into the record books as the first car to be in the seven-second quarter mile range, all while retaining the stick shift and six-cylinder configuration. It’s truly impressive when you think about how much displacement is at work here and how much effort the driver is putting in to pilot this thing to the record books.

Follow along in the video down below as the driver behind the wheel absolutely pounds gears, making his presence felt as he carves out his very own place at the top of the hill. Import fan, domestic fan, or some mix of both, we think that you’ll be able to find this Subaru to be quite the impressive beast on this quarter mile of race track. It seems like, on every level, from the 60 foot all the way to how much mile-per-hour this thing is cranking out as it blasts through the traps at the end of the track, the car is simply winning across all metrics.