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65-Foot Yacht Stranded in a Backyard 6 Months After Hurricane Ian

One of the reasons that many people avoid buying a house in Florida is because hurricane season can be damaging and deadly. If a strong enough hurricane comes through, there’s no telling just how much damage it will do to both property on land and in the sea.

Several months ago, Hurricane Ian would ravage the state of Florida. During this surge, there was damage far and wide but one story, in particular, seemed to catch the attention of NBC2 News all of these months later.

That story follows a 65 foot yacht that has been stranded in a Cape Coral backyard since the storm passed through more than six months ago. The vessel was dislodged from its slip slip during the last 30 minutes of the hurricane, says the owner. He also relayed that the vessel was seemingly fine up until that point in the storm.

After the vessel washed away from his home and into a neighbors backyard, it would seem as if dragging this thing back into the water with a tugboat would get the job done. After all, it seems like most of the other carnage as it relates to Ian has been cleaned up at this point. However, the vessel first needed to be repaired and the mangrove plants between it and the water are a protected species in Florida, making the removal even more complicated and expensive.

Below, our hosts at NBC2 News relay the extent of the situation including the $500,000 cost that is expected to be incurred to get this thing back in the water when all is said and done. I’m sure that this point, the yacht owner most certainly wants his boat back and the residents of this Florida neighborhood would like to have the vessel out of their view, as nice as the boat might be.