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How Much Does it Cost to Fill the World’s Biggest Yacht – Enough to Buy a Car?… A House?

When we take a look at some of the biggest yachts that the world has to offer, it can be easy to be struck with awe. As folks spend millions upon millions of dollars to get themselves into the most luxurious boats in the world, we can’t help it be amazed. Inside, we find everything that one could ever want or need. At the end of the day, most of these vessels are better outfitted than most homes in the world and more luxurious as well.

However, what’s important to note about these machines or pretty much any boat is that the expenses don’t stop with the purchase price. You see, the boating community is well aware that it can be a pretty expensive hobby. As it turns out, the bigger the vessel, the more expense associated with it. There’s actually a long-standing joke in the boating community that tells us that “BOAT” is an acronym for “Break Out Another Thousand.”

While it is something that has proven to be true over and over again, we think that most boat owners would simply faint at the idea of what it costs to fill up the world’s largest superyacht with fuel.

The “Dilbar” is considered to be the world’s largest yacht by volume and is in the running for having one of the biggest power plants as well. In order to fuel this thing up, the tanks are capable of holding over 1,000,000 L of fuel. Therefore, in order to fill it to the brim, a single refuel would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $783,000.

That number is almost hard to comprehend in terms of fuel cost so our host breaks it down for us, kindly reminding us that this sort of money could buy not one but two Lamborghini Aventadors or perhaps a very nice house. In fact, there are a wide variety of smaller yachts that could be obtained for one filling of the tank of the world’s largest superyacht.