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65 Year Old Man Takes His Wife For A Ride In His Wicked Mustang

It’s no secret that we love some reaction videos here at Speed Society. At this point, I think we’ve seen the full gamut of reactions from lukewarm mediocrity to abject terror and everything in between, so it’s hard to find something completely new, but we do still love seeing people getting an unexpected dose of g-force to their faces anytime we run across a new video.

This clip, brought to us by our friend Justin from the JMalcom2004 channel on YouTube, featured quite a badass hotrod and a wife who thinks she’s ready, but in reality, has no idea what’s about to hit her! The owner of the car, a spry young man of 65 named Michael, says the car makes just a tad under 700 horsepower on motor, and has since added a supercharger to up the output even more. We don’t get to know the final HP numbers in case Mr. Michael wants to sneak up on some unsuspecting victims in a grudge race, but it seems safe to assume it’s close to 1,000, if not more.

When asked about her previous experiences in the car, Michael’s wife says it’s already #1 on her list, but toward the end of the video, we see that she had clearly not been hit with the full force of the blown setup until today, because she clearly had no idea what to expect. Things start out nice and easy, with Micheal pulling into traffic and easing along setting the scene for the big ending after he pulls off and heads back in the other direction. With traffic cleared out, Michael jumps all over the loud pedal and you can see his wife immediately go into full-on “OMG WTF” mode! She immediately regrets her decision not to buckle up, but her hubby is careful to keep the car between the lines.

This is what relationship goals look like, folks! This couple, enjoying the shared passion for hot rodding and spirited driving is awesome to see!

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