This 6×6 Pickup is a Dodge Demon Powered, Bulletproof Armored Monster Fit For a Modern Apocalypse

Just in case somebody finds that a four-wheel configuration on a pickup truck simply ...

Just in case somebody finds that a four-wheel configuration on a pickup truck simply isn’t enough, there are several companies out there that will build you a truck that has six. Simply put, not all of these six-wheeled monsters are created equal. For those looking to create as much power as possible, we have just the thing to get the job done. As soon as you start talking about making use of Dodge Demon engine architecture, you definitely have our attention.

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In this particular example, the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 starts out with a typical Jeep Gladiator. However, with a plethora of modifications, the former Gladiator is not even recognizable. Instead, the machine takes on an entirely new look!

For starters, the 6.2L Demon engine is stroked to a 7.0L with the help of a forged stroker crankshaft, forged pistons, and a custom camshaft. When all is said and done, these modifications are good for 1,300hp and 989 lb-ft of torque that meets the ground with the help of a heavy-duty variation of the 8-speed transmission that comes from FCA as well.

Perhaps our favorite part of this whole package is that the 6×6 has the option to be fully armored. We’re not sure who exactly is going to need this option but I guess it’s always handy to have. If there’s anything that this exhausting year has taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected.

This so-called “Military Edition” features armor made of Kevlar, bulletproof glass, and even undercarriage protection just in case the driver rolls over an explosive. Other goodies include the basics like run-flat tires, an armored radiator, and even protection from electromagnetic pulse attacks. Yeah, it kinda takes things to an entirely new level.

When we really get into the craziest features, onboard, we find electrified door handles, a smokescreen feature, and even gas masks. In other words, no matter what the treat, Hercules will be ready.

Think you’re ready? This one starts at $225k with the armored version fetching $325k and probably upwards of that mark depending on options selected.


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