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6×6 RC Rotary Snow Plow Perfect For That Snow Filled Driveway

Radio Controlled car enthusiasts are really coming up with some cool stuff, especially when it comes to playing in the snow! Just the other day, we brought you this 3D printed snow blower, and now RC Adventures shows us a different approach to solving the same problem.

Designed after the massive rotary snow plows seen attached to the front of locomotives for clearing tracks as they traverse them, this design – at least in its full sized version – can swallow a man hole and spit him out in pieces, but it also effectively clears away tons of snow from the train’s path, allowing the train to continue to make its runs in the snow. This version, bolted to the front of a badass snow-tire equipped semi truck, does the same thing, only on a scale of moving pounds of snow at a time instead of tons. It’s still really cool to see just how much it looks like a full-size plow when it’s in action, slinging an arc of snow several feet as it plunges through the icy precipitation.

This replica plow does its job amazingly well, allowing the RC semi to go anywhere the driver sees fit, clearing a nice, clean path for the truck to follow!