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This is How Car Guys Pick Up a Christmas Tree

So what do you do when your friend needs a Christmas tree for the holidays? Obviously, you strap one to the roof of your super clean ’67 Mustang and haul it home for him.

These gearhead compadres know how to solve a problem with style, taking this gorgeous 1967 Mustang Fastback to the Christmas tree “shop” – typical car-guy lingo mistakes – to choose the perfect tree for James’ flat. With no pickup or SUV on hand, they have no choice but to take the ‘Stang. With a towel to protect the paint and a couple of tie downs, the duo head off to the farm to buy a tree, then set about loading it on the steel roof of the classic Detroit pony car.

With the perfect tree in tow, the pair carefully load it onto the roof and wrap it up as securely as possible with the ratchet straps and head back home, big bushy tree in tow. They wind through town, drawing some strange looks from pedestrians as they pass. The pair make it to their destination and offload their cargo, completing the mission by delivering the tree. Be sure to crank up the volume, this is one healthy sounding Ford, plus the backing music is pretty awesome too!

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