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7 Car Features Seemed to Disappear Out of Nowhere

Sometimes, you might take a look back at yourself and wonder exactly what you were thinking. Maybe today’s version of you can look at you from a decade ago and think that you were absolutely crazy with how you were dressed or what kind of music do you listened to, or maybe even what you were saying at the time. What you think of these trends might not be related to one particular idea but could also prove to be true with your cars as well. No matter what the fad is at the current moment in time, chances are that not everybody is going to be in love with it a decade of two decades from now.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some car features that might not necessarily be around anymore but also might have been incredibly popular as recently as a couple of years ago. While some of these might have just fallen out of style, perhaps others were replaced by more productive techniques on the assembly line. One thing remains constant throughout all of them, though, and the idea is that none of them really stuck around today and they have all managed to fall off in terms of what we see on modern production vehicles.

When you take a look at this diverse group of car features that seems to have taken a dive from out of nowhere, we get to see everything from tailfins to antennas and just about everything in between. While some trends can hang around for a couple of decades, others really just don’t have the momentum behind them to keep on trucking. After checking out the list below, be sure to tell us if you have anything to add to this list of automotive features that we never really see any longer.