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7 Engine Oil Myths You DO NOT Want to Buy Into

One of the things that can make it incredibly difficult to make just about any buying decision are the marketing materials associated with it. A smart consumer will try to dissect these materials to figure out what they’re actually getting versus what they are being sold that isn’t necessarily true. However, a good marketing team will be able to make you think that you’re buying gold when in reality, that’s just not the case.

One area where marketing is really pushing the limits is that of oil. In any given oil commercial, we find all sorts of jargon about additives and features of a solution that will make your engine run better and live longer. It feels like every manufacturer has their very own trademarked word for their own special additive. We cannot help but wonder what of among these terms is accurate or actually helping us and which ones are just trying to sell us that premium oil pricing model.

This time, for those who are interested in learning a little bit more about what they put in their car, Scotty Kilmer is here to help. In the breakdown video, we get to learn all about the things that you should and shouldn’t look for in your oil. With so many different types and brands to choose from, heading to the oil aisle can definitely be confusing for somebody who’s not informed. With a video like this, though, we think that most people will be able to learn more than they ever thought they needed to about the oil going in their car.

After following along with the video below, we think that just about anybody could become an expert on buying oil. The next time that you head to pick up a jug, after watching something like this, making that informed decision will be all that much more comfortable. While we do want our cars to run as well as possible and for as long of a period of time as possible, just throwing money away isn’t an option.

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