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7 Glove Gadgets Put to the Test

When it comes to getting any job done, no matter what the field, making sure that you have the best equipment available could make a job go much more smoothly. In this demonstration, we check out a variety of gloves that could be used in various applications to make life a lot easier whether it be at work or play.

To test them out, we have everyone’s favorite experimenter in the Crazy Russian Hacker and we know that this guy is going to take all of these gloves to the edge to make sure that he’s testing them out in the most thorough way he knows how.

Amongst the mix of gloves, we find some pretty interesting ones from the gloves that are cut resistant, providing safety whenever working with knives or sharp objects to gloves that have turn signals built in so that you can be as safe as you possibly can on a motorcycle or bicycle.

Watch and learn down in the video below as he takes seven different types of gloves of all different applications and puts them to the test to see exactly how these things all work. Have you seen any other crazy gloves that you would like to see tested out?