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7 Most Amazing Electric Swaps That Everyone Needs to See

Since the beginning of motoring, folks have stuffed all sorts of different engines under the hoods of their cars. Trying to find the ideal combination for the builder has always been a pursuit that has yielded different results. For example, one builder might be looking for efficiency while another could be looking for maximum horsepower. These goals are also often accompanied by different brand loyalty or perhaps the need to stay on a budget. This is how we see some of the most popular engine swaps come to life today.

While certain swaps might shine in the sunlight today, that isn’t to say that the landscape is always going to remain this way. Some of the most popular combinations of today might be inefficient afterthoughts tomorrow. One example of a swap that is becoming more and more popular is that of the Hellcat swap. This is a powertrain that folks are already finding at junkyards around the country and yanking out to put in all sorts of different vehicles. Beyond that, perhaps we might even be looking at the electric vehicle swap as coming something that gets more and more common.

By following along with the video below, we get to check out seven of the most extravagant electric vehicle swaps that have happened to date. Some of these things might just be daily drivers but others are certainly aimed at taking shots at competing on some sort of racing surface. We have no doubts when it comes to the idea that, as the technology evolves, we’re going to see a lot more of this. It’s only a matter of time before curious and motivated mechanics end up putting electric power in just about anything that the mind can think up. What will they decide to put electric power in next?