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7 Stolen Cars Recovered Underwater in Fort Worth, TX

When we think of all of the objects that reside underneath the surface of all of the bodies of the water in the world, it’s pretty crazy to ponder just what goodies might be forgotten about. Just think about how many things like cars, weapons, and even cash are residing in the lakes, oceans, rivers around America alone.

Apparently, we aren’t alone in this wonder as several YouTube channels have popped up with the sole purpose of exploring to see what exactly lurks beneath the surface. We aren’t talking about sea creatures, either.

This time, we check in with Adventures with Purpose who went to Fort Worth, Texas, with the aim of finding something interesting. The crazy part is that this was a lake that was chosen entirely at random. Apparently, the spot that they found was a pretty popular dumping site for vehicles of all different shapes and sizes. The vehicles could be there for a variety of reasons from an insurance dump to crime or even sheer accident. As we follow along with channels like this, they have even been behind solving crimes as they locate the missing piece of the puzzle to give folks a little bit of closure.

In this case, the dive actually ended up turning from mundane into successful in a matter of moments. Upon scanning the floor of this particular lake, we get to find an entire variety of vehicles that definitely makes for an interesting dive. At the end of the day, you never truly know what you’re going to find with recoveries like these so every single one is different and provides quite the adventure. Luckily, through Adventures with Purpose, we get to ride along with those adventures and join in for the moment of truth when we all get to see what exactly is pulled up from the depths.