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700hp Volvo Amazon-Bodied Corvette!?

When it comes time for a gathering like Holley’s LS Fest, we never know what it is that we’re going to find. Sure, everything has LS power under the hood. However, beyond that, it’s basically all fair game. One the other end of the camera lens could end up being something as conventional as a Chevrolet Corvette. However, it might also end up being a ride like the LS-powered Winnebago that’s floating around on the Internet.

This time, we certainly check out an LS-powered machine that really turns the creative juices up a little bit. When someone begins to look at this Volvo Amazon, they probably realize that something isn’t quite right about it. It doesn’t look exactly like the Amazon that came out of the factory, custom bodywork aside.

This is because, instead of the original chassis that the car was sitting on, it has been given the chassis of a Corvette. Essentially, the body of the Volvo was dropped on top of the Corvette. This came with some modification with the goal of making everything line up just right. When all is said and done, we have a 700 hp Volvo that certainly looks the part.

As we learn more about this machine, it really appears to be as much of a show car as it is a racing machine. No stone was left unturned in pursuit of perfection that really brought the Volvo life. At the end of the day, some people might just call it another LS swap. However, we know that those who turned the wrenches on this thing will attest to the fact that it’s much more than that.

To sum it all up, it’s just a ride that everybody has to see to believe. Hoonigan takes us along in Las Vegas to do just that! Check it out below.

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