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74 Year Old Man Builds 560Hp Car and Drives The Hell Out Of It

Imagine driving down the highway, minding your own business, when a BMW rips past you, leaving you in its dust as it cranks out some major power, putting it to the ground to make this thing roll incredibly quickly. When you pull up to the light, you would probably expect to look over and see some younger guy behind the wheel, proud of his machine for being able to efficiently create so much power. However, instead of a kid, you see a 74-year-old man and are taken aback for a moment as you try and wrap your mind around what just happened.

With this BMW M135i, that’s exactly the case as, at 74-years-young, This man has put all the right pieces in motion, taking his machine up to a pretty impressive 560 hp at the crank. That’s enough to put this machine in a good place and really makes it rip out there on the streets! While it’s already pretty impressive by many accounts, the guy behind it all says that 560 is nice but he would really like to crank it up to 600 so that he can have bragging rights and a bit more juice. This thing is already pretty much the complete package as a sleeper and just goes to show you that you shouldn’t sleep on anything!

Follow along with the video below that shows off the story that you have got to love as this man pushes his car to the limit, really showing people that age doesn’t matter when it comes to going fast. I would love to see the face of somebody who just lost a race to this guy and pulled up to the stock appearing machine to find out who was behind the wheel. I’m sure that he does his fair share of humbling his opponents when he really decides to lay into the throttle!


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