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Million Dollar Boss Mustang Prototype Barn Find

The concept of a barn find is truly an exciting one. To think that, behind some barn doors hiding out in some random field, is a car that could be worth thousands of dollars if not much more is an incredibly interesting concept to think about. Sometimes, what you might find is a vehicle that is beyond repair, ready to just continue rotting into the ground but other times, you might find a good restorable vehicle or something even better. Depending on the situation, what you find can be a true flip of the coin.


This time, we stumble upon a situation where someone just so happens to get incredibly lucky, finding themselves something that is worth a ton of money. No, it isn’t just another classic American muscle car. While it is a muscle car, there are no others out there that are exactly like it. With that in mind, this machine is able to bring an insane amount of money. We are talking about a 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 302 concept. When you start to talk about the version of the car that didn’t go into production, you can begin to think about big dollar signs.

The video below will guide you through this unique find and tell you exactly why it just so happens to be incredibly rare like it is. Furthermore, we get the rundown on how this car is worth an astonishing $1 million dollars which is enough to get just about anybody looking in the concept’s direction for more.

What could be better than finding a machine like this that is one of the most valuable you could stumble upon. In turn, it has to be incredibly cool that you’re holding on to something that is one-of-a-kind in the truest sense of the word. These concepts cost millions of dollars for the companu behind them to make and the rarity has ensured that they hold a pretty good value, too!