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8 Cars And Trucks That Nobody Bought – They Flopped!

To say that the car market is finicky would be a bit of an understatement. It turns out that there is an exact vehicle that consumers want. Sometimes, automakers try and fail to deliver that vehicle. Within any given application, there are plenty of components to consider. Even outside of the physical vehicle itself, automakers need to look at a wide variety of metrics. From marketing to presentation and everything in between, there are lots of points that manufacturers need to mull over before a car makes its way to market. Failure on any of these points could mean a reduction in sales or a complete flop.

This time, we got into a collection of cars that ended up being sales flops. On the tail end of a lot of effort to create and bring a car to market, these examples have to hurt pretty bad. Not all of them are all that terrible. Some actually pique the interest a bit. However, due to price, being ahead of their time, or just downright being oddballs, these machines didn’t exactly make it. Who knows? Maybe in a different generation or with some sort of different marketing behind them, they could’ve become a hit.

By following along with the video below, we get to learn about these cars and their stories of failing to sell. While some of these cars definitely belong in obscurity, others are pretty awesome. In fact, we wouldn’t mind adding a couple of these to our very own personal collections. After the fact, one of the things that make cars like these cool is the fact that they’re now incredibly rare. Sure, when they were new, not selling would’ve been a bad thing. Down the road, though, that fact could definitely stand to net collectors a payday!