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8 Supercar Substitutes That You Can Afford on a Real World Salary

One of the big appeals of a supercar can be the scarcity and toughness to get behind the wheel of one. With this trend, when you finally do see one, it’s a special occurence and with the majority of them racking up price tags in the six figure range, it’s not exactly easy to find yourself with one in your possession as even trying to rent a car like this can get pretty pricey. Now, not everybody is going to be able to grab a supercar in their life as and that’s okay because there are definitely some other alternatives that might be worth taking a look at it if a supercar is your style but it just doesn’t make sense with your bank account. Life happens and that’s nothing to be ashamed about. There are other options on a dime, too!

We’re sure that some of these vehicles will stir up a little bit of controversy and others will be almost unanimously agreed upon as supercar substitutes but with this list, we get a wide range of different machines from supercar-like performance machines all the way to cars with different styling cues that you might find on some of your favorite supercars that have been borrowed by more common machines. In pretty much every case that you see here, the Viral Vehicles YouTube channel makes a case for each and every car that they bring up whether it be just a single factor that it borrows from a supercar or more than that.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to check in with one line of thinking that shows you a couple of cars that might be within reach for the average or just a little bit above average automotive consumer. After seeing with this list has to offer, be sure to tell us what you think about the collection and which cars you think rank higher than others. Perhaps, maybe you even have a couple of cars that can be looked at that will give you a little bit of that supercar feeling, all while balling on a budget.

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