This 80-Ft Nor-Tech is a 4000hp Speedboat With the Guts of a Luxury Yacht

When it comes to boating, sometimes, sacrifices just have to be made.2X the entries ...

When it comes to boating, sometimes, sacrifices just have to be made.

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In most cases, the person looking to purchase a vessel is going to have to pick what their priorities are. For example, if someone is very interested in fishing, many times, luxury will be given up for fishing capability. In turn, someone looking to go fast out there on the water might have to be willing to give up space for relaxation. Even for those who have a lot of money to spend, sometimes, it’s almost impossible to truly get the best of everything.

Essentially, the latter is like asking a Lamborghini to allow a family of four to sleep comfortably on board.

This time, though, we check out a boat from Nor-Tech that attempts to merge together several categories.

From a distance, the Nor-Tech 80 looks like something straight out of Miami Vice. The muscle boat lines really make this thing look like a performer. However, as the “80” Designation in the name infers, this boat does span 80 feet in length. That’s much bigger than the majority of purpose-built speedboats.


When we hop on board, the cruiser definitely shows off its luxurious wares. Inside, the boat looks much more like a luxury yacht than the outside would lead one to believe. Inside of the vessel, we find a cabin with all of the amenities of home and even some that many may not even have at home.

Out back, we find a pair of Catapillar C32 engines boasting 1900 hp each. With all 3800 hp in action, one could expect the boat to cruise up to speeds over 60 mph. That might not seem like a lot of speed. Rest assured, though, that there aren’t a ton of boats this size that are doing 60 mph.

When all is said and done and we finally get to the price, we learn that the boat bears a $2.7 million price tag. That’s quite a pretty penny but for the specific set of needs that the vessel satisfies, someone is sure to find it worth their while!

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