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8000rpm Mustang GT N/A 347 Toploader Powershifting… Sounds Sick!

Sure, you can argue about automatic versus manual transmissions until you’re absolutely blue in the face, spitting out every last piece of evidence in favor of either side of the argument, however, sometimes, there’s not really empirical evidence that can support one direction or the other in terms of how you’re feeling about how you like your gears shifted in your car. Sometimes, it might just come down to pure passion as ripping along down the track or street in whatever vehicle that you should find to be the most fitting for you, while banging years, can be quite a rewarding experience that really makes you feel as if you’re one with the automobile, as cliché as that might sound.

In this video, we take a minute to observe what might be one of the best parts of being able  sa in a car, even when an automatic transmission may be looming on the horizon that might be able to say that it can click through those gears a little bit faster and improve your track time over any human error that might exist when throwing them home in a manual. Thanks to the likes of an old school Fox body Mustang and a driver who is in it to win it, we’re able to ride along and watch as gear after gear is selected with complete confidence, taking this car to a place that’s a lot of fun to watch as the naturally aspirated Mustang really pounds of those gears, showing that even though an automatic might not be in the equation, this driver isn’t backing down from a little bit of a fight in between those concrete walls.

If you follow along down in the video below, a conveniently placed camera will take you to the scene of the action as this driver absolutely slays the gears, giving us an up close and personal look at what it’s like to be completely in control of your automobile. Sometimes, driving is a little bit more than simply posting the best time that you can and with a video like this, you can really get an idea of why exactly that is.


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