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800HP Corvette ZR1 Gets Left In The Dust By Nasty Twin Turbo Dodge Viper

If you’re rolling around the streets in the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, one of the fastest Corvettes that money can buy out of the factory, you probably feel like you’re pretty much king. After all, The car will probably leave the vast majority of machines on the streets, even those that are performance oriented, in it’s dust. That’s a lot of power out of a car that’s incredibly light and aerodynamic. However, no matter how much power you’re making, you better keep an eye out on the competition because no matter how fast you are, there’s probably somebody out there somewhere who is faster.

This time, we check out a video that puts us in the passenger seat of the 800 hp ZR1 as it does a little bit of a roll race with a Dodge Viper that we’re told has a pair of turbos on board. Now, it’s pretty hard to make a car like the Corvette look slow. Even without the perfect driver, it will probably have some sort of a chance at maintaining a close race even with a boosted Viper, or so you’d think. However, in this one, the Viper pretty much makes the ZR1 look like it’s standing still out there. That sinister Mopar digs down deep and rockets out on the ZR1 as the Corvette driver probably has no idea what even hit him!

Follow along down in the video below that brings this race to life and, at a bare minimum, shows us a symphony of exhaust notes that you have absolutely got to hear. After tuning into this quick race, be sure to tell us what you think of this pairing of cars that went at it out there on the street for a quick little hit that ended up getting pretty ugly! At the end of the day, though, you have to commend both drivers for being willing to go out there and just drop all the BS and race.