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9-second SLEEPER ~ SPOOLA Nissan Skyline

This unsuspecting Nissan Skyline is a lot faster than it looks.

Here in the United States we don’t often receive the pleasantry of seeing an R33 Nissan Skyline. From what we understand they’re a bit difficult to get tagged to be street legal, so naturally not many of them are in circulation. Fortunately for us, FullBoost brings us this gorgeous Skyline straight from Australia!

Classic Turbo Nissan Skyline R33 - JDM performance


They classify this car as a “sleeper” and we can most definitely see why! The car doesn’t look all that far from stock yet it manages to turn in a couple of 9-second passes like nobody’s business! The car features a forged RB25/30 3L Nissan six cylinder with a Garrett GT4094R turbo fueled by e85 and shifted by a two speed powerglide.

Check out this rare sight below as the Skyline makes a few killer passes.

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