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9 Ways To Speed Up Your Spring Cleaning On Your Car!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s about that time again. Right around the turn of April, we begin to get that feeling that car season is upon us. As the weather begins to get warm and those cold areas thaw out a little bit, the automotive scene really comes alive. Not only is this when the racing circuit begins to light back up again but also when different car related gatherings such as shows or meets will begin to get into the full swing of things. It’s certainly an exciting time and one that there are plenty of steps to take to get ready for. This applies for car enthusiasts and your average person alike.

In this one, we follow along with professional detailer, AMMO NYC, in order to figure out what some of the important steps to take in car care are around this time of year. After all, winter weather is certainly not easy on the finishes of an automobile. in order to prevent rust and keep that paint nice and clean, there are certainly different ways to shed some of that grime that has accumulated over the past couple of months. It’s time to bring our rides back to square one once again and get ready for a long, warm season.

By following along with the video below, we get a condensed version of nine quick steps to spring clean in the garage. Some of these steps are preventative and others are reversing the damage that has happened in the winter. It’s certainly worth taking a look into in order to see if any of these might come in handy for anyone who is looking to make sure their car is in tiptop condition. After all, taking steps like these can really add some years to the life of a vehicle!