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900 hp CTS-V First Drive Was Mind Blowing, That Supercharger Really SCREAMS!

Here at Speed Society, our goal is simple when it comes to our giveaways. We want to offer something that would be a great addition to just about anybody’s garage. With that, we take some of the most awesome cars on the market today and spice them up a bit.  The latest addition to our giveaway stable is none other than a 900 hp Cadillac CTS-V. By the way, there’s still time to enter to win it and you can find out more by clicking here.

Anyways, as we were saying, we like to really turn things up a little bit around here. In order to do that this time, we took one of the most awesome performance luxury machines on the market and started stacking on more power. I don’t think there are very many people disputing the fact that, from the factory, the CTS-V is a downright monster with all of the creature comforts that one could ever want or need.

However, with this one we cranked things up a little bit with the help of the crew at Vengeance Racing. In order to turn up the volume on this Cadillac, the main modification attraction would be a Whipple supercharger. That’s not where the fun stops, though, as there are a plethora of other supporting modifications and special touches to not only make this thing fast and reliable but also allow it to stand out from the pack. What fun is winning your very own version of a modified super performance luxury machine if it’s going to blend in?

Below, we take you through the final steps of the build that add some finishing touches. Afterward, the crew goes for a ride to get their reactions to the newfound beast. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a machine that dreams are made of.

Find out how to win by clicking here to learn more.

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