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900 hp NASCAR Powered ‘70 Plymouth Cuda

The realm of hot rods is captivating for the individualized twists that enthusiasts infuse into their creations. One of the best parts about building a car is that it can be one of the purest forms of expression, revealing a lot about the builder. Crafting a distinctive vision and breathing life into it involves navigating a narrative of twists and turns, each representing the evolution of an idea. Enter the stage: a 1970 Plymouth Cuda, aptly dubbed “Notorious.” Notorious, fresh from its spotlight at the 2023 SEMA show, recently graced the AutotopiaLA YouTube channel to showcase its boundary-pushing take on conventional customization.

A key focal point for uniqueness lies under the hood. Typically, old-school muscle cars adhere to a handful of tried-and-true engine combinations. However, Notorious diverges from the norm, boasting a robust 900 hp courtesy of a Dodge R5P7 NASCAR engine. This powerhouse promises a distinctive growl emanating from the exhaust because of this very unique choice of engine. Teamed up with a Richmond Super T-10 transmission featuring a unique shifter setup and a hybrid suspension that fuses together a C6 Corvette front end with a custom four-link rear – the car achieves a harmonious balance of power and technology.

In the case of a bespoke marvel like Notorious, the mechanical intricacies merely scratch the surface of the complete picture. The video below treats us to a comprehensive tour and overview of this meticulously crafted machine, unearthing the results of the countless hours invested in such a project. Every detail has been meticulously considered, resulting in a finished product that epitomizes perfection.

Both inside and out, Notorious is a masterpiece designed to captivate onlookers with its awe-inspiring aesthetics. It uses its slick looks to draw in a crowd, inviting them to wander from detail to detail, marveling at the intricacies and considering the meticulous process that brought this magnificent machine to life.

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