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Amazon to Start Selling Cars, Kicks Off Efforts With Hyundai

Over the years, numerous ideas have emerged to revolutionize the way we purchase vehicles. However, existing laws, backed by deep pocketed organizations with vested interests in maintaining traditional car dealerships, have often impeded innovation and change, preserving the inefficiencies of the current system.

Presently, the market is constrained by laws mandating the involvement of dealerships in the sale of new cars. Despite this, some companies are putting their best foot forward in striving to circumvent these restrictions, leveraging technology to enhance the buying experience. While direct-to-consumer sales are not yet the norm, various companies are pushing boundaries to provide consumers with an experience as close to direct purchasing as possible.

The latest entrant in the quest to streamline car buying is none other than Amazon. The same company that delivers packages to your doorstep is now venturing into getting you behind the wheel of a new car.

At the 2023 LA Auto Show, it was announced that Amazon and Hyundai are partnering to create the “easiest place to buy a vehicle.” Emphasizing convenience, the partnership allows consumers to browse through cars at local dealerships on Amazon, using familiar criteria for selection. Following the purchase on Amazon in a comfortable online shopping environment, consumers can pick up the vehicle at a local dealership at a time that suits them best.

Just when we thought Amazon had reached the pinnacle of convenience and product variety, a partnership like this emerges, potentially marking an early step in transforming the way we buy vehicles.

@cnetdotcom #Amazon is entering the online #car sales world. 🚙 At the #LAAutoShow, Amazon announced that starting in 2024 #autodealers will be able to start selling cars through its website with #Hyundai being the first #carmaker available. #laautoshow2023 #cartok #onlinecarbuying #amazonnews #carnews #news #carbuying #carsales #cardealership #hyundaisantafe #autoshow ♬ original sound – CNET