The Story Of The $900 Richard Petty Built Engine

Old cars can be really cool. Don’t get us wrong here. We can definitely ...

Old cars can be really cool. Don’t get us wrong here. We can definitely appreciate the innovation that was around at their time and how it was applied. However, sometimes, when qw come across classic cars or barn find candidates, it isn’t all about the cars themselves. Sometimes, it’s more about the story behind such machines that makes them pop off of the screen and come to life.

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One of the greatest experiences in life is being able to gain perspective and see all types of different views. This is even more entertaining when it’s in our corner of the universe over here in the gearhead community.

This time, we get to hear an incredible story along with seeing some incredible cars to match. After catching up with the man that goes by the name of Snowball Bishop, we get to hear about some pretty wild highlights, including how he once bought a $900 engine off of the one and only Richard Petty. Afterward, we get the opportunity to browse through Snowball’s collection. He has quite a couple of machines worthy of admiration and the stories to back it all up. This is one of those guys that really seems like we could sit there and talk to him for hours upon hours, losing track of time, even!

Follow along with the video down below as Hagerty takes us along for another episode of Barn Find Hunters. Each one of these cases is certainly different from the last, with each bringing us an entertaining anecdote or two. The stories make us drop our jaws and appreciate the community that we all reside in. If you can’t appreciate a story like this, it will be hard to believe that you’re a car enthusiast at all. So much of this has shaped the community that we find ourselves loving today!

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