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900HP Hellcat Powered ’70 Plymouth Superbird is the ULTIMATE Restomod

The Plymouth Superbird is a car that needs no introduction. Over the years, the cartoonish-looking muscle machine with a pointy nose and massive spoiler has found its way into the hearts of many enthusiasts, becoming a community favorite in the process. The immediately identifiable machine is held in high regard when it comes to muscle car lore.

As these cars bring a pretty penny, it’s not too often that we see one extensively modified. In this case, though, we check in with one example of a legitimate Superbird that has undergone quite an extensive restomod process. From top to bottom, this thing has a whole variety of custom parts that you really need to look closely to be able to truly appreciate. There are a lot of details on this thing that have been gone over with a fine toothcomb that really make the finished product something special.

Perhaps the most noteworthy addition to the car is what’s under the hood. Instead of old-school Mopar power, this old Plymouth borrows something from the modern era in the form of a Hellcat engine. The engine has been outfitted with other Dodge factory performance parts including a supercharger pulled from a Hellcat Redeye and a camshaft from a Dodge Demon.

When all is said and done, the built internals and other supporting mods are able to crank up the boost which results in a package that’s good for 900 hp that really gets this old-school Mopar going. Sure, vintage muscle cars were cool and all but nothing built back in the 70s would have the potential of holding a candle to this amazing 900 hp-setup.

Tune in with AutotopiaLA in the video below to take a deep dive into some of the details that truly make this legend one of a kind.

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