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A 3000 Mile Redneck Road Trip in a Rat Rod Monster Truck Isn’t Quite as Easy as it Sounds

Being able to leave home and embark on a road trip sounds like an absolute blast. For all intents and purposes, getting on the open road can definitely be a great time. However, those who do find their way to long journeys via car are going to want to make sure that they have a couple of things in order for comfort. Those who aren’t prepared will quickly learn why exactly why it is that maybe they should put a little bit more thought into the journey.

Sometimes, these hardships that one may endure by lack of proper planning can make for a great story but other times, they really end up being a pain in the rear end.

In this case, though, it appears as if the crew from Deathwish wanted to make it a pain in the rear end on purpose. In order to do that, they would take what is probably the least comfortable car possible. The car that started out as a square body Mercury Grand Marquis turned into a monster truck somewhere along the road with a little bit of junkyard engineering just to make things more interesting.

If nothing else, this road trip is definitely going to come along with a couple of awesome stories to tell. This time, we get to ride along with exactly how those stories unfold in the Busted Knuckle Films video below. After checking this one out, we think the viewers are going to have their fill of road trips. Watching the hijinks that these guys get into is definitely quite the whirlwind to experience.

However, we think the viewers will be much more comfortable watching this one from the couch! That definitely seems like a lot of effort out there on the open road!

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