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Tale Of How Building A Car Built One Man’s Career

On the outside, the automotive community might seem simple. It’s a bunch of guys and girls who are worried about their cars and upgrading them. Right? Well, for those of us who have spent a good amount of time in this community, we know that it can be more than meets the eye. Perhaps it’s about the people, for some. Not only is it a hobby or a lifestyle but also a way to get to know people. After all, the car community might be the most diverse group of people that will regularly interact with each other. Just about anybody with a passion for cars can get together from just about any walk of life and have a good time. The crazy part of it all is that many times, the same people would’ve never otherwise intersected if it weren’t for the love of the automobile.

This time, we hear about something that takes that concept even further. Not only did Dorian Valenzuela find a way to network over the automobile but he also attributed the car community to kickstarting his career. One job would lead to another and end up with a string of other connections that would eventually lead to an experience working for NASA. He helped put a rover on Mars, all because he was able to converse with some unique individuals in the community.

Now, we aren’t completely shutting down the idea that maybe he could’ve ended up landing the job without his car. However, Dorian would even go so far as saying that he added the experience with his Alfa Romeo Giulia to one of his resumes and thinks that maybe it was the tipping point that would allow him to get his foot in the door.

The story below from Petrolicious is really a testament to knocking on every single door possible. While it can be easy to head into a situation with certain expectations, one truly never really knows what’s going to come of something until they put themselves out there. Who knows? Communicating with others over a parking lot filled with cars might even be a way to wiggle into the job of a lifetime.