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A Car Show With a Twist… Everything is Half Scale!

We have all been to a car show in some capacity before or at least seen one on the Internet. Folks will gather to show off their rides and all the custom touches that they have done or maybe even just showcase a factory car that they’re proud to say that they own!!

This time, we check in on a show that’s kind of the same concept but instead of having real cars hanging around a lot, this time, we check out cars that happen to be a little bit smaller. The title says that they are about half scale but when we take a gaze, they definitely look to be even smaller than that. Exact size aside, these things are really cool!

The show showcases a little bit of everything from a scaled-down school bus to old school iconic cars to something as craze as a cement mixer, all of which were created in the name of showing off how the creator was able to carry out their vision, their tiny vision, and bring it to reality. The result is something that we must say is really fun to look at and we would love to experience it for ourselves.

Check out the video down below that shows off this entire meet comprised of scaled cars that might take you a minute to get used to but once you have a grasp on what’s going on, we think that you’ll find these creations to be incredibly cool.