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A Chevy Impala That Defines the Term “Muscle Car”

I believe I’ve found the roadmap for my next build. This Impala is quite possibly the coolest, most understated badass muscle car on the road today. While many Impala’s are destined for a world of 30+ inch wheels and candy paint or hydraulics and pin striping, Mike Musto took a drastically different approach, dropping a torquey big block into the cavernous engine bay, bolting up a 5-speed transmission, and adding some 15″ rally wheels all the way around.

The massive Detroit relic has a perfect stance, and the interior is pure GM goodness. Impalas weren’t designed to be corner carvers, an easy observation to make based on its massive size alone, but Mark has put in the work necessary to make this one slide through the twists and turns with ease. Despite it’s age, the Impala’s styling is timeless, and this one could very well be around at the end of time, as it looks and runs like it and the cockroaches could be the only things left standing after the apocalypse.


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