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You’ve Seen a Real Car Restored, Now Check out a Hot Wheels Restoration

Sure, you’ve seen plenty of situations in which real-life cars are brought back to their former glory through a restoration process. Some of these cars are just too good to let go and the parts that remain are serviceable enough that the whole car can be brought back to life around them.

Now, if you have a Hot Wheels collection, as an avid collector who cares about their older cars or thinks that there might be something of value in their collection with a little bit of work, the weathered and damaged diecast cars can be brought back to life in a process that somewhat resembles the restoration of real road cars. This time, we find out all about it!

This enthusiast pictured here goes above and beyond, even going as far as dipping the body in an acid solution to rid the old tattered surface of rust to provide a clean surface for new paint. The process is rather complicated but if you’re a big fan of collecting diecast cars then it’s definitely something that’s worth the hassle as these tiny nostalgic pieces of steel can be brought back to a like-new shine.

Check out the video below that shows off this incredibly thorough process of bringing a Hot Wheels classic back to life. As you watch when this video unfolds, you can get a real sense of how much attention to detail some of these collectors are willing to pay in order to create something that is worthy of admiration.