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A Ridiculous Private Collection of Post WWII Through the 60’s, Hundreds Covered in patina!

High in the Rockies in Como, Colorado (About 10,000 feet above sea level), there is a private collection of post-WWII through the 1960s of hundreds of patina covered, virtually rot-free cars and trucks awaiting love from new owners. Amanda’s late husband Jim started collecting them from friends and neighbors in the Fairplay, Colorado area at just 14 years old.

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He even had for the site to group most of them by makes! Alphabetically he collected Chryslers (MOPAR), DeSoto’s, Fords, General Motors in all varieties, Internationals, Nash (American Motors), Studebakers (Trucks and cars), and let’s not forget a cluster of VW Beetles. Amanda knows how Jim loved his collection and she wants them all to go to good homes. Yes, they are ALL For Sale! There’s an entrance fee to view the collection in person with a signed liability waiver.

If you buy a vehicle you get the entrance fee back. Enjoy the view and be sure to hit ‘Subscribe’ to get notices on future episodes. Denny Salvage the Junkyard Chaplain [email protected]


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