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A Secret Lavatory Door Trick on All Airliners!

I’m not really sure how or why a tip like this would be useful but it surely is interesting nonetheless. If you’re thousands of feet above the sky in an airplane and the bathroom looks to be locked with nobody inside or if there’s an emergency situation, then maybe just maybe this tip will help out.

In this one, we’re shown what looks to be an emergency feature in airplane bathrooms that’s designed for a person on the outside to get in without a hitch. By simply lifting up the lavatory sign and flipping a little switch inside, just about anyone could get into the locked room.

Before you check this one out, you have to promise us that you’re not going to use this little tip for evil. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be in a situation where someone inside the bathroom needs saving and this handy little tip will be the one between life and death.

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