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A Ship Launch That Can’t Go Much Worse… Huge Fail

When watching a ship launch, there are a lot of things to consider. It’s not as simple as rolling it up to the water and dumping it in, even though it might seem like these are the only steps that you have to consider when putting any type of vessel in the drink. However, it’s just a little bit more complicated than that, especially when you have a massive ship like the one pictured here. When you’re responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, you want to make sure to observe every last precaution that you can as to not do damage to something that you’re going to have to repair.

This time, evidently, somebody didn’t quite follow protocol and, as a result, that person or people ended up dropping this massive ship! It most certainly would lead you to believe that somebody is about to lose their job over the scenario. This isn’t even something that happens quickly but instead, we very slowly get the watch as the boat is launched on its side and tips over little by little until it is completely sideways and there isn’t anything they can do but watch it go down!

It’s impossible to estimate how much damage was done on the scene just by watching his video but it would really lead you to think that somebody is going to be breaking out their check book to do the repairs to this boat if not replace it altogether. Hopefully, the company launching it here has a good insurance policy to cover this nasty little blunder.

Follow along with the video below that might prove to be just a little bit tough to watch for you as this beautiful vessel goes down and goes down the hard! Just when you thought that your day was going bad, maybe something like this can make you feel little bit better about whatever you managed to mess up with today. On the bright side, you could have been on the wrong end of a mistake like this one!

Boat Launch Goes Terrible Wrong!

That LITERALLY couldn't have gone worse, could it?!?(Video Credit – Yachtvid)

Posted by Boat Krazy on Monday, July 10, 2017


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