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A Snowmobile Powered Mountain Scooter?!

There’s no denying there are some incredibly creative people out there, and luckily for us, many of them take the time to put together video of their adventures in engineering so that we can see just what all goes into creating these awesome things, such as this snowmobile-powered scooter that just looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

What started life as a busted old dirt bike and a spare snowmobile engine would end up being one of the cooler contraceptions I’ve seen in a while. While we don’t get to see the culmination of the build in this video, due to time constraints, we do get to see the chassis itself built and completed in what I have to say is an amazingly well-produced video, including the cutting apart of the original dirt bike chassis and the thought process behind the design of the new scooter-style layout.

What they have in mind seems to be an upscaled, offroad version of those little electric Razor-style scooters that you’ve probably seen zipping around college campuses or in busy cities. These guys are nowhere near either, so they need something that can handle the treacherous terrain around their home. When you see this chassis in its completed state, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

After chopping up the dirtbike, our hosts plan out the build, carefully weighing the options on where to mount the engine and how long the chassis needs to be. After the decisions are made and the design finalized, work begins in beautiful time lapse, capturing everything that goes into the build without dragging the video out for hours. Whoever is handling the video production role really knows their stuff, because this is some quality video that looks amazing and is easy to watch.

Finally, with the chassis completed, they take the scooter out for a test ride, leaving gravity to handle the propulsion for now. You can tell this thing is going to be a cool ride when it’s completed, hopefully that video will be up soon!