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A Valet Crashed Her Brand New Maserati… At A Ferrari/Maserati Event!

Valeting your vehicle is sort of like closing your eyes and throwing a dart. Sometimes, you hit the bullseye and get that one guy or gal that takes care of your ride as if it were their very own. Sometimes your hypothetical dart his the guy beside you in the butt check and your valet treats your car as if it were and offroad demolition derby rally tank. It really is that hit or miss, and many people refuse to use a valet, especially if they’re driving an upscale ride.

Lisa Martino, an entrepreneur from the Atlanta, GA area had just taken delivery of her 2010 Maserati GranTurismo S when she decided to join other Maz owners in the area, along with local Ferrari owners, for a meet at the St. Regis hotel in Atlanta’s swanky Buckhead district.

Martino was wary of handing over the keys to her brand new baby to the parking attendant, but reconciled the decision using the logic that at an event specifically held for these high end luxury rides, the valet could surely be trusted to use the utmost car. Needless to say, you wouldn’t be reading this if she weren’t mistaken.

Mere seconds after handing her keys to the valet, Lisa heard the sickening sound of a quick rev and a crunch, taking a couple of seconds to even realize that the sound she’d just heard was, in fact, the hired driver slamming her 200-mile Maserati into another vehicle. Lisa spent the rest of the event in a furor, missing out on all of the revelry while handling things with her insurance company.

While Martino makes the statement that she got no help from the valet company, she goes on to clarify that their insurance did cover the repairs, which would total to around $20,000. The car was repaired by Maserati of Atlanta and, as you’d expect, was as good as new after the repairs. Lisa would keep the car for another 8 years or so, proving that a little mishap early on doesn’t have to ruin your relationship with a car.


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