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This Halo Fan Built Himself A Halo Warthog He Can Drive On The Streets

Bryant Havercamp is a Halo fan. That doesn’t make Bryant unique, as there are quite literally millions of fans of the futuristic first-person shooter video game, which is one of the best selling franchises in the entire entertainment market, a fact made all the more impressive by the game only being offered on Microsoft’s Xbox series of consoles.

In the game, you’ll find an assortment of vehicles, but one, the Warthog, has become sort of the “fan favorite”, taking on a life of its own that’s made it iconic in its own right. The ‘Hog has become such a beloved part of the Halo Universe that Bryant took it upon himself to build his own. Looking at the Warthog in-game, you would first thing a large quad or a side by side would make the ideal starting point, but Bryant had a bigger vision, quite literally, opting instead to start with a full size Chevy truck.

He made the right call.

If you haven’t played the game, you’ll just have to take my word on this, but anything less substantial would have resulted in a puny Warthog representative, and the Warthog is certainly in no way puny. With the Chevy frame as a foundation and a traditional small block for power, Havercamp’s rendition of the ‘Hog is capable of an estimated 85 MPH top speed and has the look and sound you would expect from such a badass vehicle.

Bryant has rebuilt the engine a couple of times, ending up with a Quick Fuel carb setup feeding Vortec heads and exiting through long tube headers. He doesn’t mention dyne numbers, but a combination like this should crank out an easy 300 to the crank, and possibly more.

As far as visual impact, the Warthog is quite literally as faithful a build as one could imagine. With only the views offered by the game itself, Bryant had to have done some intense studying to gather the fine details required to reproduce the ‘Hog, and he’s done an amazing job, especially when you consider he’s gone so far as to make the vehicle totally street legal as well!