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Aaron Kaufman Starts a New Show! Check Out The Entire Episode Here!

The LowLife Show is back with Episode 2, this one hosted by Aaron Kauffman of Arclight Fab. The LowLife crew has a lot of ground to cover in this episode, starting out in Aaron’s home state of Texas with a look back at Lone Star Throwdown, or LST, a huge truck show in Conroe. The LowLIfe crew had joined Aaron at Gas Monkey Garage to help with the build in preparation for the show, turning the truck around in just a few short weeks. Once it was ready, they loaded it up and headed out in a convoy of badass pickups.

After that, the show heads further west to Arizona, where they check in with Cory Bones, the founder of Broken Bones Garage and some of the awesome projects he’s working on, as well as how he came up with the name of his shop. Pay close attention to his COE, that’s going to be an insane ride once it’s completed.

From Broken Bones to Brian Savage Place, the show next visits Savage, who’s teamed up with Trevor White and Clay Beardslee to knock out a back half job as quickly as possible. The build runs nice and smooth, coming together in just a couple of days thanks to the crew planning the build ahead of time.

Finally, the crew heads south to the gulf coast for the Battle in Bama custom car and truck show, where they take a close up look at a few rides, including the awesome Evil Ethyl rat rod and a badass slammed Sierra on 26’s. There is a huge variety of trucks to check out in Mobile, from mild to wild, there’s something for everybody.

Check back in for another episode of the LowLife show coming soon from LowLife video, where there’s sure to be plenty of awesome truck-related content.