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Field of Abandoned Classic Trucks and Cars For Sale

Field of Abandoned Classic Trucks and Cars For Sale

One look over the complete picture of the automotive landscape gives us an idea of how things evolve. One day, we’re watching the latest release come out. The next, that release is dropping in price and maybe not being taken such great care of. Before we know it, those cars that were once brand-new are now sitting in a field and rotting away.

Sometimes, the vehicles are salvageable. However, in other situations, they rot away into nothingness. As they sit there and decay, it can certainly hurt to watch.

This time, we tune in with a massive barn find. In fact, we would probably categorize this one as more of a “Field find,” if you will. Within the field, we see all sorts of classics that have apparently been sitting there for quite some time. It seems as if the lot has vehicles from the turn of the 20th century all the way up to the 60s.

Plenty of the vehicles sitting in the field appear to have seen better days and there aren’t many good days ahead of them, even with a lot of attention. However, others look like they might have a hope of making their way back to the street one day. At a minimum, perhaps they could become parts cars. It’s a little bit difficult to tell which ones could be usable from this video that showcases the entire lot. Seeing them all certainly makes us want to hop to action, though.

The original post on the Street Machinery Facebook page insists that the cars are for sale. Apparently, it was a one time deal as it appears as if the uploader of the video was on location before leaving. We are unsure how many of them were sold, if any, or if they’re still available. We would recommend reaching out to the page to learn more. Speed Society is in no way associated with the uploader, though, so proceed with caution.

Ok kids have your PayPal ready. 4000 cars from the teens to the 70s, lots of 30s,40s,50s, and 60s most are 2-3k. The more we buy the better the deal if you need more than a brief description and a couple of pics, these will not be the cars for you. There are no big block chevelles or tri power GTOs, if you need maintenance histories or carfaxes I won’t have the time on this trip out. I will post videos all day if you see something you are interested in and ready to pay in full via PayPal, wire transfer or any cash app. Send me a DM or text my phone and I will make you a video and get you pics. Entire transaction as far as payment has to happen today, cars don’t need to be picked up right away and we can assist in delivery from North Dakota 216-789-1647

Posted by Street Machinery on Tuesday, May 12, 2020


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