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Abandoned Mustang GT Left to Rot, Will They be Able to Get it Running After Years of Rust?

With the simple nature of how automobiles work, even some of those that are sought after will eventually be left for dead. Every day, vehicles are left to rot in fields across the world, simply sitting there and waiting for a new owner to come along and save them. However, for most of the cars and trucks, that day will probably never come about. That was certainly the case for this Ford Mustang as it has been traded in for nothing more than its value and scrap metal. A once shining V8 pony has now become worth nothing more than its weight in scrap metal. It’s a pretty sad affair but it’s also a matter of fact.

This time, we check out a car that was rolled in and claimed to have a bad oil pump, not allowing the car to run at all due to a lack of oil pressure, however, the guys got their hands on the ride and would take that as a challenge, doing anything that they could, within reason for the situation, to try and bring this old Mustang back to life once again. It was a long shot but I guess that their boredom got the best of them as they started to tool around with the machine to see if they could get it to fire up. With a couple of tricks under the hood, they would eventually get it to crank over several times and, before they knew it, it would fire up and purr away like a kitten.

Check out the video below as this car that appears to have been left for dead coughs for a little bit, spits out that oily mucus, and eventually allows that engine to breathe fresh air once again, pumping some oxygen into the lungs of this ride that we didn’t think stood a single chance of coming back to life in any capacity, especially given the condition that it rolled into the junkyard in and what they were told about the car.