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Abandoned Time Capsule 03 Terminator Cobra

Millennials had better look out, the cars that were new when we were growing up are quickly becoming barn finds as they begin to run into issues.

When browsing online classified ads, like Facebook Marketplace, one can uncover treasures. Some sellers may ask for top dollar, but deals exist for those with a keen eye and technical know-how.

In a recent video from the Jrods Garage YouTube channel, our host embarks on a barn find adventure through Facebook Marketplace. Their target? A 2003 Terminator Cobra, a highly sought-after nameplate in the muscle car community.

As these models age and become increasingly coveted, finding one in decent condition can be a challenge and a pricey one at that. So, when Jrod stumbled upon one languishing in a storage unit for just $12,000, he couldn’t resist the temptation to investigate further, even if it meant embarking on a journey of over an hour.

The video transports viewers to the scene where this forgotten gem has been sitting for about three years, says the owner. As our hosts point out, this is about as close to a barn find as one can get with a car of this vintage. Enthusiasts willing to invest time and effort in restoring such a machine find rare opportunities, as few have languished for so long.

In the following footage, we witness the excitement and anticipation as this late-model classic gets a second lease on life with a new owner. It truly speaks to the allure of a car that was once modern but is quickly becoming a classic and the thrill of uncovering hidden gems in unexpected places.

Jrods Garage
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