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Absolutely CRAZED GT500 Bangs Gears, SO CLOSE TO 8s!

One argument that you will find in the car community that will continuously rage back and forth as long as both parties exist is that of automatic versus manual. I think that it goes without saying, in most cases, that an automatically shifted vehicle is going to be a lot faster than a manually shifted vehicle and also more consistent to boot. However, there’s just something that’s so special about pounding through the gears and showing that you have what it takes to row through the gears with the best of them, potentially even overcoming your automatically shifted opponents, which calls for even more bragging rights.

This time, we check out one of the most ferocious manually shifted cars that you’re going to find around as none other than a Shelby GT500 hits the lanes at Street Car Takeover down in Charlotte, North Carolina. As driven by Jammye McQuade, the car really finds a way to make its presence felt out there, rolling off of the line as the tires squeal and the machine finds a way to hone in on an incredibly efficient short time before following through on the big end of the track with impressive trap speeds and even more impressive quarter mile times that are bearing down on that eight-second range in a hurry!

If you follow along down the BigKleib34 video below, you’ll be able to tune into the action provided by this Kenne Bell supercharged machine that really has some serious bite to it. With each and every pass, this car really proves to us that it’s nothing that you’re going to want to mess with. After seeing this thing in action, we have a strong inclination that you won’t be able to help but be impressed more and more as you get exposed to additional passes that are bound to make you fall in love.