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Adam Savage Recalls the Grossest MythBusters Myth Ever

Many of us fondly remember the MythBusters, the iconic show that dedicated itself to debunking myths and legends. The hosts delved into all sorts of extraordinary stories to determine whether they were tall tales or had a basis in reality. However, even in the quest for scientific truth, there were moments when things got a bit messy. After all, you need to crack a few eggs to make an omelette every once in a while, right?

One of the show’s hosts, Adam Savage, has since taken to YouTube, where he produces entertaining content. Amidst a sea of videos, he dives into a particularly intriguing MythBusters experiment that he labels as the grossest myth ever tested. After all of the obscure experiments that the show’s hosts took on, the grossest has to be particular off-putting.

This unique myth revolves around an unfortunate incident where someone tragically passed away inside an older vehicle and remained undiscovered for three long months. This certainly paints a picture that isn’t very fun to look at or smell. The myth goes that the car would go on to became unsellable due to a putrid odor that persisted within. The MythBusters approached the theory with a confidence that they could remove any signs of decay to the point where the automobile would be sellable.

Adam Savage explains that in order to replicate this macabre scenario, they had to find a way to simulate human decay. To do this, they needed animals to decompose inside the vehicle. In a video, he takes us through the process of using deceased pigs to mimic the effects of human decomposition, detailing how they set up the experiment to closely mirror the conditions of the real situation inside a Chevrolet Corvette.

So, in the video below, we delve into every gruesome detail of what Adam Savage regards as the most repulsive myth ever tested by the MythBusters.