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After Seeing the Ram 5500 With a Custom Hauler Bed, We Definitely NEED One!

These days, trucks are outfitted with every option that we could ever want or need. For consumer vehicles, one can get everything from cooled leather seats all the way to top-of-the-line electronics on board. However, at some point, we have to remember that certain trucks are there to get the job done. While many models focus on the creature comforts, this one is really laying it down in the functionality category.

But heading out to the State Fair of Texas, we feast our eyes on one of the latest and greatest from Ram trucks. With the Ram 5500 Limited fitted with a custom CM Hauler bed, we’re ready to get to work. This thing looks like it’ll be able to accomplish just about any job in front of it. Whether it’s hauling around lumber or knocking over houses, we wouldn’t put it by this massive machine to knock the job out. It almost makes us want to go pull a massive trailer.

In this one, we get the unique opportunity to take a complete tour of the machine. As truck fans, there’s just something inside of us that really gets cranking when we see a truck like this that could accomplish anything. When it comes to functionality, it doesn’t get much better than the setup that we see here. In many cases, such a combo might even be seen as just about perfect.

By following along with the video below, we get the entire rundown on what’s going on with a machine like this. This might be a little bit much for your average job. However, for someone who is constantly at work, this machine might be just what the doctor ordered. Be warned because after this one, you might just be going home looking to shop for a new truck!