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Aftershock’s Musi 959ci Power Plant Gets a Refresh Between Races

When it comes to the machines that compete at No Prep Kings, one of the biggest no prep drag racing events in the country, it certainly isn’t an easy job to stay competitive. While the vast majority of people behind the wheel of a typical car simply know that they have to change the oil and keep it filled up with gas, let’s just say that the heavy hitters at NPK really go beyond that to a point where maintaining them is nearly a full-time job in and of itself.

Not only do the drivers and their teams have to stay on their A-game at the event itself, making sure that every last component is dialed in perfectly. After the event, the work doesn’t stop flowing but instead might even get more intense.

This time, we got a little bit of a taste of what exactly that means for Lizzy Musi’s “Aftershock” Chevrolet Camaro. In this particular video, we watch as Aftershock takes its 959 cubic inch engine to get a refresh in between races at Dennis Concrete in Tennessee. As if keeping these things together on the weekends isn’t a big enough challenge, having to take them apart every couple of races is definitely another layer of complication that makes the time investment even more layered.

The video below from the Kye Kelley Racing YouTube channel shows the process of deconstructing the engine, replacing a few things, and analyzing what the crew sees inside. Warning signs might indicate new parts need to be on their way but if the crew is lucky, they can get away with just changing out a couple of small things before pushing off to the next race.

Racing on this level is most certainly a grind and fortunately for fans, through the power of YouTube, we have been able to appreciate just how much effort is invested.