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Air Compressor Explosion Video Raises Safety Awareness

Air Compressor Explosion Video Raises Safety Awareness

Even though many air compressors have built in safety valves, that still doesn’t guarantee to save the user from a mishap, especially if the tank is getting old and losing its structural rigidity.

This is an issue that many aren’t even aware exists and therefore, we figured that we’d shed some light on it with the possibility of raising some awareness to possibly save injury or worse.

The uploader of this video experienced a heart-stopping situation when his father was faced with an air compressor explosion that could have ended his life. Luckily, the shrapnel was merciful as he only had to spend three months in the hospital.

While the event wasn’t fatal, it still changed the victim’s life forever. Check out the video below and be sure to check out your equipment and share this to make sure that everybody can make proper safety preparations. Preparing for events like this could easily save a life.


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